How many meals will I be able to eat a day?

The Paelo Diet and Fitness Plan provides for three meals a day plus healthy snacks if needed. The meals in the Plan are designed to be varied and to fulfill all your nutritional requirements. Most importantly they are delicious and super easy to prepare. You should find that you are eating more than you would on other “diets” and are not left feeling hungry or deprived in anyway. In fact, you will find that you are full of energy and feeling great!

How often will I need to do the exercise plan?

The Paleo Diet and Fitness Plan is designed to be flexible around you and your lifestyle. We want to help you achieve your goals your way. We would recommend that you aim to include a minimum of three sessions of exercise per week into your regime from our “Introduction to Yoga” and/or “Tabata Transformation” exercise eBooks. These have been specifically designed to compliment the Paleo Diet and Fitness Plan to achieve the best results and have been adapted to suit all fitness levels.

How much weight will I lose?

We have created the Paleo Diet and Fitness Plan as a healthy and sustainable way to lose weight. The ultimate goal is to help you move into a new healthier lifestyle that will ensure that you maintain your weight loss and improve your health and fitness. If you follow The Paleo Diet and Fitness Plan as recommended in our books then you should be losing anywhere from 1-3 lbs per week. It is likely that you will experience a faster weight loss in the first few weeks and then this will slow down for a period as your body becomes more adapted to your new routine. It is often at this point that many people give up as they think that it has “stopped working”. This is not the case. It is actually just the beginning of your weight loss journey!

Your body goes through many hormonal changes during a new diet and fitness programme and it can take a while for it to fully adjust and readjust itself. The 6-8 week period is often a common marker for people to re-start burning significant amounts of fat. Once your body “clicks” you will be primed for fat burning and the results in terms of muscle tone and fat loss can be vast.

The Paleo Diet and Fitness Plan is therefore designed over a 12 week period in order to fully maximise your results.

Please note that whilst we do everything that we can to ensure that you will achieve results that you are happy with, it must be noted that weight loss will vary from person to person.

No individual result should be taken as being typical. The results will depend on a variety of factors such as food intake, metabolic rate along with the level and intensity of exercise undertaken. This will always vary from person to person.

Are the recipes complicated?

At Paleo Diet and Fitness we appreciate that everyday life can be hectic and chaotic often leaving little time for meal preparation and cooking. We want to help you as much as we can to succeed in your new healthy lifestyle so we have carefully created simple, easy to follow recipes. The ingredients that we use are all available in your local supermarket/butchers/grocery store and wont cost a fortune. We also provide a weekly meal plan and shopping list to make the process as easy as possible.

In designing our meal plans we have thought carefully about the needs of our customers. Where possible we have made it as easy as possible to adapt the plan to your lifestyle. For example we appreciate that the majority of people will be eating lunch at work Monday – Friday and have adapted the recipes in our plan accordingly to allow for this.

How will I receive the information?

All of our books are available as eBooks and you also have the option of purchasing a paperback version of Introduction to Paleo and Paleo: 12 Weeks to Change Your Life. If you wish to purchase a paperback version of our books then you will be redirected to Amazon UK to make the purchase. Please follow the instructions on the product pages for further details.

If you purchase an eBook then once the payment process has been completed you will be sent an email with a link to your purchase. All our eBooks use encryption technology to ensure that they can only be enjoyed by those who have purchased the eBooks directly from Paleo Diet and Fitness. You will receive an email which has a link to download your purchase. Once the download has been completed the link will expire. Should you have any issues and need to reactivate the link then you just need to contact us.

What is your 30 day money back guarantee?

At Paleo Diet and Fitness we strive to provide the best quality products for our customers and we are confident that you will find our Paleo products educational and life changing. However, if you are not satisfied with the products that you have purchased we will happily provide a full refund. If you are not happy then we are not happy. All we ask is that you contact us within 30 days of purchase.

The money back guarantee only applies to the eBooks that are sold on our website. If you purchase a paperback version then you will be subject to the refund policy for Amazon UK. For further details please see our terms & conditions.

Why is Starfish Information Products showing on my statement?

Paleo Diet and Fitness is a trading name of Starfish Information Products Limited. Therefore, this is the name which will appear as the payee on your bank/credit card/PayPal statement. Should you have any queries or concerns in relation to this then please contact us and we will be happy to discuss.

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