Guest Blog: Julian Bakery

Guest Blog: Julian Bakery

One of the best parts of my job is to find good quality Paleo products and over the last few months I have been interviewing some of my favourite companies to bring you an insight into their products.

Today is an interview with Health Squier, the master food formulator and CEO of Julian Bakery Inc; a US based company that develops and sells “transitional” Paleo foods. Heath is also the host of “The Primal Show” on YouTube, in which he interviews leading doctors, authors, trainers and nutrition experts from around the world. Heath is also the founder of the website Paleo, Inc. which specializes solely on developing Paleo as a lifestyle brand.

You may well have come across some Julian Bakery products in the UK as they are sold by a few independent retailers such as Planet Organic in London and online by Perfectly Paleo. Julian Bakery are now also selling a selection of their Paleo friendly products on Amazon UK and the range is set to increase over the next few months.

I have always been incredibly jealous of the Paleo friendly options available in the States and am really pleased that the UK is now seeing a growth in the demand for pre-packaged Paleo goods. Whilst the ethos of Paleo is very much about cooking and creating your own meals from scratch, and this is undoubtedly the best approach to take for your health, there are always times when we need a bit of a helping hand. We all lead busy and hectic lives and sometimes taking a shortcut is what we need to keep us on track. Whilst Julian Bakery products are pre-packaged they are all made using fresh, whole ingredients that are completely Paleo friendly. There are no additives or nasties lurking inside and they are arguably the next best thing to making them yourself.

Julian Bakery - Paleo Bread

Tell us how Julian Bakery got started? 

Julian Bakery was created back in the 1990’s by my mother, Barbara Squier. As a certified nutritionist she was influential in teaching me about food and health and from an early age she taught me the benefits of using vitamins and whole foods as preventative and defensive medicine. I grew up accustomed to visiting numerous food co-ops and being ever aware of how your food choices can impact on your health.

In its early days, the Julian Bakery was focused on bringing the highest-quality breads to market, using “old-school” milling and other natural baking methods. Since I took over the vision has continually evolved and today the bakery now only offers grain-free baked products. By combining my background in running numerous tech companies with my parent’s brick-and-mortar business, Julian Bakery has grown into a worldwide brand that represents the best low-carb, gluten-free, grain-free, and GMO-free foods on the market.

Paleo Wrap with Bacon

How did you get started on a Paleo lifestyle? 

In 2010 I started to experiment with my diet. I was primarily wanting to achieve a lean, “cut” look and having twice completed the rigorous Beach Body P90x exercise program I had still not managed to achieve the results that I was looking for. Interested to learn more about why this might be happening, I started to research nutrition for fitness and health came across the work of Dr.Loren Cordain and began to learn about the Paleo Diet™ and also the Primal Diet (as made famous by author and blogger Mark Sisson).

I was fascinated by what I was learning and, as per Dr. Cordain’s recommendations, I removed all refined sugars, breads, gluten, lactose and grains from my diet. Previously my diet was high carb/high fat combined with lot’s of exercise so the Paleo diet began my shift towards low carb/high fat. Incredibly, it took only two months for me to lose 35 pounds (2.5 stone) dropping from 220 pounds (15 stone 10lbs) to 185 (13 stone 3lbs), and I have maintained this physique ever since by following a healthy Paleo lifestyle. I also found that switching to a Paleo diet helped me to get rid of some ongoing minor health problems that had plagued me for most of my life.

It was during this life-changing period that I was inspired to begin formulating foods based on specific dietary restrictions; I like to think of the products that I create as “transitional” foods. This is based on the fact that many people want to “go Paleo” but have a hard time giving up the convenience or habit of consuming grain-based foods, such as bread, wraps and cereal. By creating Paleo friendly “transitional options” that mimic typical grain-based foods (such as bread) with a Paleo (grain-free) option. These products help consumers transition from a typical grain-based diet to a Paleo approach by making food preparation easy!

What are your top tips for maintaining a Paleo lifestyle?

Include transitional Paleo diet foods that mimic foods you were used to eating but that are made with Paleo ingredients. This makes Paleo much easier and allows you to stay on track.

Use Pinterest and Instagram for fitness and Paleo recipe inspiration.

Avoid processed sugar and grains, and limit natural sugars. This will avoid blood spikes and keep your energy level steady through the day without cravings. Implement organic stevia leaf and Monk Fruit into your recipes which add little to no calories and no sugar!

Julian Bakery - Paleo Bread

Tell us about some of your products…

Although the Julian Bakery has always had a mission of creating the healthiest bakery products available, once I took over there was a shift towards a complete Paleo focus. The first transitional product that I created for sale by the Julian Bakery was Paleo Bread™ which launched in 2011.

The response to Paleo Bread has been outstanding and it ended up becoming a worldwide bestseller and to date millions of loaves have been sold. It is the leading low-carb, gluten-free, grain-free, keto bread and is currently sold in over 10,000 stores worldwide. We also ship to the UK so you can purchase Paleo Bread online from Julian Bakery. A new Paleo bread mix is due to be launched in 2016 and this will be available on Amazon UK so keep an eye out for this arriving – it tastes incredible!

In 2012 I created Paleo Wraps™ which are tortilla-like sandwich wraps made from organic coconut components rather than digestion-impeding grains. These are also now sold worldwide (including in the UK) and have helped many people shift from a mainstream approach to a Paleo and digestion-friendly diet. Following the success of the original Paleo Wraps a turmeric flavoured wrap was also launched and both have been incredibly popular making a great store cupboard staple. Both of these products are now available on Amazon UK.

Paleo Wrap with chicken

Our more recent product launches have included Paleo Coconut Flakes Cereal, which is now sold next to leading brands in supermarkets throughout the US and is also available on Amazon UK. Other popular products that we have are Paleo Pizza Mix, Paleo Pancake Mix, Paleo Crackers, Paleo Chocolate, Paleo Protein Powders, Paleo Protein Bars and coming soon—Paleo Cheese (dairy free cheese that tastes and melt like real cheese!).

Over the next few of months I hope to have Paleo Pizza Mix and Paleo Pancake/Waffle Mix on sale with Amazon UK.

Julian Bakery - Cereal

What is your ultimate goal?

My long-term goal is to educate the masses about the benefits of the Paleo lifestyle in order to achieve optimal health, an ideal weight, and all-day energy. I firmly believe that food can be used as a way of healing the body, both alone and in conjunction with modern medicine.

My passion and drive to help people comes from wanting my family to live long and productive lives. They are the official “taste-testers” of all my creations and only products that get their approval are shared with the world!

To learn more about Heath and the Julian Bakery take a look at the Julian Bakery website.

Julian Bakery Inspired Recipes

Keep an eye out over the next few weeks for some great recipes using Julian Bakery products. We already have our incredibly popular Paleo Spring Roll recipe which is made using the delicious Paleo Wraps. There will be more recipes appearing on the blog over the next few weeks. Make sure you don’t miss out by signing up to follow our blog using the link below.

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