Guest Blog: Primal Bakers

Guest Blog: Primal Bakers

One of the best parts of my job is to find good quality Paleo products and over the last few months I have been spending some time interviewing some of my favourite brands to bring you an insight into their products.

Today is an interview with Izzy who is one of the founders of Primal Bakers. If you have not come across Primal Bakers before they are a UK company that make delicious Paleo friendly baked products including bread, crackers, cakes and biscuits.

We all lead busy lives and are not always able to find the time to make everything from scratch (even when following Paleo!) so it is great to have good quality options appearing in the UK market. Primal Bakers products are all made using fresh, whole ingredients that are completely Paleo friendly. There are no additives or nasties lurking inside and they are arguably the next best thing to making them yourself.

Tell us a bit more about your background and how you got started

There are two of us behind Primal Bakers, myself and Rosa. I am a Personal Trainer and Nutrition Advisor and have always paid very close attention to what goes into my mouth and that of my family. Rosa has a family tradition of turron making (an almond based Spanish Christmas bar) where she learnt her great skills as a baker and a fine taste for good quality sweet products. We both ended up for different reasons following a Paleo/Primal diet and have reaped the benefits.

We both love to bake and have always done so at home. Following a Paleo/Primal diet took us to learn new ways of baking and we wanted to prove to our friends that it is possible to create tasty baked goods with natural ingredients. They couldn’t believe it when they tried them. We got people round for coffee a few times and they encouraged us to start selling them. One thing lead to the next and here we are today!

Why baked products

We find that cooking the Paleo way is not that difficult to achieve but baking is another matter altogether. People don’t always have the time or the inclination towards baking and yet they miss having this kind of product in their diets when they go Paleo. We offer the possibility of including treats such as cakes and biscuits that fit into a Paleo eating plan. Breads and crackers tend to be more of a staple in most people’s diet, by providing Paleo friendly versions it means you can still enjoy these foods whilst continuing to follow the principles of eating only good and nutrient dense food. If someone is unsure on whether or not to give Paleo a go we hope that having this option available may help them to make the decision.

Sandwich Bread - Primal Bakers

Tell us about your products

We have 14 products at the moment (with more on the way). We have a selection of treats such as cakes and biscuits all made with Paleo ingredients. We use almonds as the base all our products. Almonds are naturally gluten free and bring a whole range of nutrition benefits with them. They are naturally sweet which means only very small amounts of honey or maple syrup need to be added what overall brings a better nutrition profile to the bakes. Most gluten free products use highly processed flours that are bland and tasteless which means a lot of sugar and additives need to be added to make them palatable. Gluten free products are becoming increasingly popular but we think gluten free doesn’t necessarily mean healthy. You still need to watch out for the list of ingredients that they use.

For our savoury products we have two different types of breads and 3 crackers. We must say that Paleo breads are not the same as the breads that people are used to eat. Ours are made with almonds so they are more nutritious and satisfying that normal breads and make a great addition to any meal.

Because the ingredients that we use in all our products are very nutrient dense you will find that only need a little to feel satisfied. This is totally opposite to the usual biscuits and cakes you will come across which are ladened with sugar and additives to encourage you to want more. It means that you can enjoy treats in moderation and stay within the principles and ethos of the Paleo diet.

Rosemary Crackers - Primal Bakers

Why Paleo?

We both got started in Paleo for different reasons and at a different time in life. The main reason is very simple: it makes us feel great, alive, with loads of energy!

I am a fitness fan and follow the Primal way of moving and exercising as well. I used to be a long distance runner and competed a few times a year. I used to eat the long distance runner diet but it made my guts feel terrible. Long story short I change my diet and my problems vanished. The Paleo lifestyle has made me balance better diet and exercise. In a way I feel that my body has always wanted to be Paleo.

Rosa has been suffering from Hassimoto for 7 years. Not long ago she came across Paleo and how it had helped people with the same condition. She has given it a try and has felt much more energetic and has found that she is not getting tired so easily. She loves cooking so making a few changes in her recipes wasn’t a problem and Paleo food is so tasty that all the family enjoys it too.

Chocolate Brownies - Primal Bakers

What are your top Paleo tips?

In terms of eating I would say two are equally important: keep your fridge full of fresh vegetables and protein and keep it simple. Paleo meals can be made within minutes as long as you have the right ingredients in the fridge. There are six mouths to feed in my family so I have to plan ahead if I don’t want to run out of fresh ingredients quickly!  Good ingredients are the key to make delicious dishes that the whole family can enjoy.

In terms of exercising, the most valuable tip I can provide is “keep moving”. Whatever you enjoy doing make sure that you move every day. Walking is a great way to connect with ourselves and with nature and has the bonus of being completely free. Every now and then “surprise” your body, do something that you don’t normally do (like run, walk for longer than usual, do some resistance training, etc) to keep your metabolism going. And play! We live in a society with little time to unwind and to have fun. Years and years ago people use to gather around a fire and sing and dance together, played games, interacted with others in nature. I think we all need a bit more of that!

What does the next 12 months have in store for Primal Bakers

We have a few big events booked starting with Health Unplugged which is taking place in London this weekend and we are really looking forward to it. It is the UK’s only Paleo conference so we are really looking forward to meeting more people in the Paleo community and getting ideas and inspiration from others. This has been our first year so we have been trying different things and now that we know what we like and are good at we want to concentrate all our energies into it. We would like to be known throughout the UK as the leading Paleo bakery…is that too much to aim for?!

Coconut Dreams - Primal Bakers

Where can we get your products from

The best way to get hold of our products is through our website Our products will be stock by other online retailers very soon too but can’t reveal anything else at the moment!

We will also be selling our products at Health Unplugged this weekend so if you are in London come and join us! We love to put a face to our customers.

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