Paleo Gummies with Raspberry Dust

Paleo Gummies with Raspberry Dust

Paleo gummies are delicious little fruity explosions that are full of nutrients but are often forgotten when it comes to Paleo snacks. The emphasis for sweet treats is often on chocolate creations which are tempting (and tasty) but do need to be regarded as treats and eaten in moderation. Paleo gummies on the other hand have a much better nutritional profile. Made simply with fruit, lemon juice, gelatin and a touch of honey (which is optional) they can be just what you are looking for to give you an energy boost.

I created a mixture of raspberry and blueberry gummies and I honestly cannot tell you which one is my favourite; they are both so delicious I struggle to choose so my policy is just to keep eating them both. These Paleo gummies are great as a snack or a dessert and kids will love the fruity flavours and jelly like texture. I made my gummies with more of a jelly like feel; firm but with a little wobble. If you wanted to have a firmer texture then add another tbsp of gelatin to the recipe.

To add an extra dimension to the gummies I also added a raspberry dust. This is simply coconut sugar and freeze-dried raspberries blitzed together to make a fine powder. Just sprinkle a little of this on top of the gummies and dive in; it creates a lovely crunchy, fizzy, sherbet like sensation which makes your taste buds want to pop. This is an optional extra for a little bit of decadence and you can of course omit the raspberry dust if you wish and simply enjoy as a fruit packed Paleo gummy.

I used fresh fruit for my gummies but you can also use frozen fruit. If you are going to be using frozen fruit then you do not need to initially heat; instead just place the frozen fruit and lemon juice into the blender. I have recently purchased a high speed blender and this is perfect for getting the mixture silky smooth. Once blended, put the mixture into a saucepan and add the honey (if you want to sweeten) and a touch of water if needed. Slowly heat the fruit mixture until you have a smooth liquid. Add in the gelatin, take off the heat and whisk thoroughly until combined. Place back onto the heat until warmed through but the liquid should never be boiling. You can then follow the instructions as per the recipe.

You can use silicone moulds to create any gummy shape that you like. There are so many options available now so you are limited only by your imagination. Saying that, I didn’t use a mould for mine – I just poured into a chefs square (used for stacking food) and then cut into perfect bite size pieces. You could also pour into a tray or container; Tupperware works well.

Paleo Gummies

A bit about gelatin…

It is always best to use a 100% grass-fed gelatin and in the UK this means you need to purchase online. The brand that I use is Great Lakes Gelatin and it is available from Perfectly Paleo. It is unflavoured so do not worry about any lingering beefy flavours coming through into your gummies. It is more expensive than the cheaper varieties you can find in supermarkets but it is really worth the investment to make sure you maximise the health benefits and get the best result for your gummies.

As well as using it to make Paleo gummies you can also use it to thicken soups and sauces or add a touch to your juices and smoothies. It is a great Paleo store cupboard ingredient. You can find out more about the health benefits of including gelatin in your Paleo diet in my article Gelatin in a Paleo Diet.


Paleo Gummies

Paleo Gummies with Raspberry Dust

Preparation Time: 

Cooking Time: 

Total Time: 

Servings: 10 - 12 pieces

A delicious fruity treat that both kids and adults will love. Sprinkled with raspberry dust for a zesty sherbet hit they will sort out any sweet cravings!
  • 150g raspberries or blueberries
  • 2 tbsp honey (optional for sweetening)
  • 2½ lemons, juice only
  • 2 tbsp water
  • 2 tbsp gelatin
  • For the raspberry dust:
  • 2 tbsp coconut sugar
  • 2 tbsp freeze dried raspberries
  1. Place the raspberries, water, honey and lemon juice into a pan and heat gently until the fruit starts to pop.
  2. Pour into a blender and blitz together until smooth and then pour back into the pan.
  3. Add the gelatin and whisk together until fully combined. Place back onto the heat and gently heat through but do not boil.
  4. Pour into a jug and set aside to cool for a few minutes; you can then fill your silicone moulds or pour into a tray/dish for slicing up.
  5. Place into the fridge for at least an hour until the gummies are set.
  6. Once set; either pop from the moulds or cut into bite size pieces.
  7. To make the raspberry dust blitz the freeze dried raspberries and coconut sugar together until it reaches a fine powder.
  8. Sprinkle over the gummies and enjoy!
* I used a high speed blender by Froothie to make my gummies and it does a great job of breaking the mixture down so it is silky smooth.

**If you are not using a silicone mould then you can pour the liquid into a low sided tray or baking dish. Make sure you line with greaseproof paper or clingfilm as this will make it easier to remove. You can then cut into squares or any shape you like once set.

***The cooking time in this recipe refers to the time taken to set the gummies in the fridge.

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