Product Review: Primal Bakers Bread

Product Review: Primal Bakers Bread

Today I am going to be taking a look at primal bread; a loaf created by Primal Bakers specifically for those following a Paleo lifestyle. Primal Bakers is run by Rosa and Izzy; both are hugely passionate about creating delicious Paleo friendly baked products and make everything from brownies to crackers. All the products are made freshly by hand and with a lot of love. If you would like to find out more about Primal Bakers then take a look at my guest blog from last year.

So let’s get started with the ingredients…


  • ground almonds
  • eggs
  • flax seeds
  • arrowroot
  • cider vinegar
  • honey
  • baking soda
  • sea salt

If you have looked into making your own Paleo bread, or bought a pre-made loaf or ingredient pack, you will not be surprised that there is a high nut and egg content. They tend to be the main ingredients used for many a Paleo loaf.

This does make the product very nutrient dense. I would therefore suggest that you keep this in mind when considering how many slices to consume in one sitting. There is currently no nutritional breakdown provided for the loaf (I understand that Primal Bakers are in the process of obtaining this) but the website does state that there are 20g of carbohydrates per 100g.

Paleo bread 

I think it is important to make it clear that Paleo bread is never going to replace the bread that you may be used to. Gluten is integral to creating the structure of traditional bread and baking without it will always mean that you struggle to get the same consistency and integrity for the loaf. If you go into this expecting a replica for sliced white you are going to be unnecessarily disappointed.

The ingredients used for Paleo bread often make it closer to cake in terms of structure and consistency; usually a lot of eggs are required for moisture which contributes to the cake like similarity. If you have not tried a Paleo loaf before then do not let this put you off as it is not something I am saying as a negative point – I actually really quite like the consistency that it creates. I personally think it is good that it has its own characteristics that make it individual and separate to gluten-based bread.

primal bread

First Impressions

The bread arrives by courier (mine arrived very quickly the day after ordering) in a small box so you so need to be in or have a neighbour to leave this with. The bread itself comes in the cardboard outer that it was baked in; similar to the packaging that you get when you purchase a individual mini loaf. This is then then inside a brown bag which is sealed with a label containing the ingredients and a use by date. The packaging is minimal and functional and gave a sense of home baking.

When you open the bag you get a lovely fresh smell of baking and you know the loaf has been freshly baked to order. I could not wait to dig in…

The Taste

The taste is slightly nutty with a hint of sweetness. It is recommended that you try the loaf toasted and I did really enjoy the added flavour and texture that this brings. I find that lightly toasting worked best and makes a great base for some eggs at breakfast or just enjoying with some grass fed butter. It is more dense than toast made with gluten and is probably more comparable to a rye bread consistency. I personally was never hugely keen on overly soft bread so the texture works well for me.

I cut the loaf horizontally to get bigger slices and got about 6-7 portions out of it. If you are going to use the loaf completely within a few days then I found it was fine to keep in the fridge and cut your portions as you went along. If you are just going to have a couple of slices a week; or just when you fancy something bread like then you can slice up and keep in the freezer. The lack of preservatives does mean that the loaf will not last as long as the bread that you might be used to. For me, it is good to know that the ingredients are fresh and I found that it was fine to keep in the fridge for 3-4 days without any issues.

Where to Buy & How Much 

You can purchase primal bread from the Primal Bakers website for £6.00. It is also available through Yumbles for the same price. Primal Bakers also offer a “subscribe & save” programme whereby you can save 10% by signing up for a regular order on subscription. This is a really good option to have; especially for those who want to make sure that they have some options for Paleo friendly bread on standby without having to keep placing new orders.

The price is similar to other Paleo loaf options in the UK market. It feels wholly unfair to really try and compare the cost to that of a supermarket loaf of bread as they are two entirely different products. The Paleo version contains ingredients which are more expensive; namely nuts and that is always going to increase the price. Yes, it is more expensive that a traditional loaf but you would struggle to make it at home for cheaper.

The Verdict

If you miss the convenience of having bread in your diet then I would recommend that you give the primal bread a go. Although Paleo bread is never going to taste like “ordinary” bread (don’t order if you are expecting it to) this is a great substitute that is particularly useful to add to a Paleo breakfast.

I did particularly enjoy it toasted and spread with some grass fed-butter and then served with eggs; it even allowed me to have boiled eggs and soldiers which was a treat! I was inspired by its usefulness at breakfast time and have used it to create a recipe for tarragon mushrooms on toast which will be coming to the blog shortly.

You would struggle to make a traditional sandwich as the slices do not have required height. But you could make an open sandwich using a couple of slices at the bottom for the base. As with all Paleo bread this loaf is very nutrient dense using a lot of nuts in the ingredients. I would therefore personally not have this everyday or consume too much of it in one sitting. Plus on the days that I did have a slice of the bread I would keep an eye on my consumption of nuts (and other nutrient dense foods) through other means such as snack bars or energy balls.

This product is perfect for anyone who is might be craving a bit of bread or struggling with the transition of learning to live without bread.  Just be careful you don’t end up eating the whole loaf in one sitting!

You can learn more about Primal Bakers and follow them on social media by using the links below:





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