Honey Roasted Root Vegetables

Vegetables are central to the majority of your meals when following a Paleo lifestyle and finding simple but easy ways to create a tasty side dish can really bring your meal to life. Despite the fact that vegetables have such great, fresh and vibrant flavours they are...

Sweet Potato Chips

Sweet potatoes are probably one of the best known paleo food swaps. I personally think that they are tastier than white potatoes and even more versatile. The fact you can even use them to make chocolate brownies says it all. It is the perfect vegetable and fits in...

Garlic Mushrooms

One of the first things you realise when you switch to a Paleo diet is that vegetables are very much at the heart of every meal. This is a surprise to many as the perception that is often given is that you will be eating nothing but a plate full of red meat at every...

Cauliflower Rice

There are many food swaps available to replace non paleo friendly items and Cauliflower Rice is currently one of the most famous Paleo exports. I have seen recipes for this popping up all over the place and it is advocated as a great alternative to rice by many;...

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