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“12 Weeks to transform your life has done just that. After being introduced to a Paleo lifestyle at the beginning of the year, this book was the one that made the most sense. Having yo yo dieted all my life, not only was I getting fatter; I lacked energy, was depressed and becoming extremely unhealthy. Rebecca’s no nonsense writing style made the Paleolithic way of life easy to understand and implement and for the first time in years something just clicked.  The 12 week plan is easy to follow and the recipes are delicious. I have steadily lost 2 stone (which is fantastic), but the best thing is my depression has slowly lifted and I have tons of energy. I look and feel completely different! For someone who was a massive sugar addict, not only do I naturally consume very little now but any cravings have completely disappeared! My life has been transformed and I know this will only continue. I can’t recommend the book highly enough!”

Jill P

“Hi Rebecca, I wanted to let you know that I have just completed week 2 of the 12 week plan and happy to report I’ve lost 10lbs!! The Cajun cod recipe went down very well with the fish eaters in the family and I think the peas, bacon and onion will become a go to side dish (even the bacon hater had seconds!). It’s tricky catering for everyone in this big family but for the most part it’s just little swap outs here and there, I may manage to convert them eventually! I’m full of energy, my skin looks great and various other symptoms of my chronic hormone issue have reduced. Thank you for putting together such a well written useful plan. I’m hoping to get the Tabata Transformation on payday!”

Katy Elizabeth

“I had been a yoyo dieter almost all my adult life and had a very bad relationship with food. I was so tired of feeling tired and depressed all the time so I started to do some research and that’s when I came across the paleo diet and Rebecca’s book 12 weeks to change your life and it certainly did just that. I have lost 25lbs in twelve weeks plus I even lost 1lb on holiday, the book makes it so easy with all the yummy recipes and the excellent shopping lists I can’t recommend it enough. I will never go back to how I used to eat I genuinely don’t want to because I feel so great. I don’t see it as a diet it is now a lifestyle I just wish I had done it sooner”

Karen O

“My husband and I are both 42, and have done several diets but it’s not that we needed to loose a lot of weight but wanted more of a healthy lifestyle. I was diagnosed 13 years ago with MS and looked at several diets that can help with the symptoms,I started to read about Paleo, and found the Paleo 12 weeks to Change you’re life book, I’m not a great cook so when I saw the the plan has everything from the shopping list to the daily meal plans and recipes which are great and my husband even cooks them! I knew this is the one for us. Within a couple of week I noticed my energy levels were  a lot higher than they have been in a while, I didn’t feel sluggish, bloated or hungry, my sleep pattern also changed from waking several times a night to sleeping through, my husband stopped with the coffee and switched to decaf with no milk and he no longer gets the palpitations that he was getting. My husband now tells people abut the food change and said once you have done the 12 weeks its easy to stick to and you get to know what you can and can’t eat. After telling my family about it they also purchased the book and are loving it.

Jodie H

“Suffering from Lupus I am keen to find a diet that will help with inflammatory conditions in addition to permanent weight loss. This book [Introduction to Paleo] does not disappoint, it’s easy to follow, clear guidance, background information so you understand why and what you need to do. I followed religiously for 1 week as suggested and have moved on to the next book in the series, 12 weeks to change your life! Fantastic!”

Karen S

“I started the 12 Week Programme two weeks ago as I wanted to lose weight for my summer holiday. I am totally shocked and amazed as to how much better I feel already for cutting our grains, sugar and dairy from my diet. I am full of energy and I have already lost 2 inches from my waist!!! I have always struggled to shift the weight from my stomach so I am over the moon with my results so far. I can’t wait for my results after the 12 weeks has completed. Thank you Paleo Diet and Fitness!”

Siobhan M

“I discovered Paleo by chance whilst searching for a way to lose some weight after having my third baby. I was overweight, tired, unhealthy and just didn’t feel like myself. Originally I was looking for a quick fix, a way to drop a few pounds, as I thought that was the most important thing. I am genuinely surprised that I have found so much more than that through the Paleo diet and exercise plans.

The recipe book was just what I needed, clear simple recipes that meant I knew exactly what to buy and made planning meals for the whole family easier, everyone has benefited and it all tastes great. Having a young baby I thought it was near impossible for me to find time to exercise. I just couldn’t get to the gym. The Tabata book has totally changed the way I view exercise, I now know it is possible, even better, to work out at home. I can fit in the routines around my daughter’s nap time, even while she’s playing.

Combining high intensity workouts with yoga has completely transformed my post baby figure – I really couldn’t be more impressed with the programme. I have lost all the weight, I’m toned but most amazingly I feel brighter and healthier – It’s been so much more than just a diet. The programme encourages you to make sustainable changes that are realistic for long term change. I would definitely recommend the Paleo diet and exercise programme.”

Claire L

“My husband and children have multiple food allergies and intolerances (including gluten and dairy, among others) and sometimes it can be hard to ensure they get a balanced diet with plenty of variety. This book has so many recipes in it, we have got loads of new ideas. They are all very simple and easy to follow recipes, ideal for busy people, with ingredients you can find at any supermarket, and apart from a few juice recipes there are no special gadgets required (although a food processor or blender will help).

Rather than eating lots of expensive free-from foods which are not particularly tasty and devoid of nutrition, we now eat lots of meat, fish, vegetables, fruit, nuts and seeds, and cook most foods from scratch. I don’t have allergies but I have found this way of eating has helped to alleviate my depression & anxiety, I have a lot more energy these days, no more fatigue and brain fog, plus I have lost a few extra pounds I was carrying as well.

Even if my children outgrow their allergies I would still keep our diet mostly the same as we are all much healthier. I would highly recommend this book to everybody! But in particular people with food allergies who want to eat more healthily, or people who want to lose weight and keep it off for good. [Note – The recipes in this book do not contain gluten or any grains, dairy, soya, legumes (beans and lentils) and peanuts. There are a few recipes with egg in but mainly in the breakfast section, most are egg-free.]”

Zoes' Kitchen UK

“I suffer from diabetes and my main motivation with starting the Paleo diet was to get this under control but the weight loss has been a great side effect! After just 3 weeks I had lost a stone (with no effort and no decrease in food intake) my cholesterol reduced to 3.2 and my liver enzyme levels had halved (I also suffer from fatty liver disease). My insulin injections reduced from 100 units a day to just 20 and my consultant believes that, with my current progress, I will be able to come off insulin altogether within 6 months as my average glucose levels have dropped by about 50%. Considering that I had steak, homemade sausage, eggs, mushrooms and tomatoes for my lunch today I am certainly not complaining! Following the 12 Week Plan has been easy, there is plenty of food (the portions are great) and I never feel deprived. I have even been able to deviate from the plan slightly and include a little potato and fruit juice into my diet which was previously forbidden as a diabetic but since I started Paleo it has had no impact on by blood sugar. Before it would have gone through the roof.”

Philip B

“Hi Rebecca!! I just wanted to contact you to let you know how different I feel already since starting the Paleo way of eating. I don’t even want to call it a diet because there is nothing not to like about it and I certainly don’t feel deprived! I felt depressed and sluggish for a long time and used to turn to cakes, chocolates and sweets for comfort. Within just a short period of time this has all changed, I am even getting excited about going shopping! Something that used to be a boring routine is now a nice trip out. I pick food with love, I put it in my trolley with love, I cook with love, eat with love and feel so happy and content as a result. I really didn’t expect that. My husband has also joined me on the 12 week plan and is really enjoying it. Your recipes are delicious. I currently have the granola in the oven this very moment!

I feel more energised already, clearer in the head and really “hear” my body’s needs. I have only been following the plan for a short period of time but after just a couple of days the puffiness has come off my face and I don’t feel bloated at all. Now I know what it is like for my body to truly work with food. I am so excited about completing the 12 week plan – thank you!!”

Natasha B

“I’m Ali, a 43 year old, who has suffered with severe eczema since childhood and always wished I would grow out of it like many of my friends, but unfortunately not the case and even ended up in hospital as the doctors thought I would get septicemia…… I decided to try alternative options when my GP wasn’t sure what to do as the steroid creams weren’t working either…… I recently looked into Chinese herbs and acupuncture and found it interesting to try and heal “from within”….apparently I was suffering from extreme damp and heat and certain foods were causing this, namely dairy and sugary foods in particular…..

After noticing this helped, I then came across Paleo and then good old Google brought me to Rebecca’s website and then I was hooked as it all started to make sense from reading her story ….I’m not a “sugary” person, so didn’t find it too much of a struggle to stay off sweets etc and so I cut it out completely (made me realise how much “hidden” processed food my boyfriend and I were eating, although we were trying to eat healthily)

I’ve completely stopped dairy and noticed a remarkable difference, particularly on my face as the usual hot spots started to disappear, which have made me feel more confident and haven’t been suffering from the extreme heat at night time, which would normally trigger the scratching in my sleep.  Gluten is another gremlin that I’m avoiding and nowadays, there are a lot of alternatives out there, so it’s not a dull, boring change in your eating plan, in fact, it’s the opposite as the recipes in Rebecca’s book are tasty and varied.

My boyfriend was supportive, but I would still cook him pasta, potatoes, make him sandwiches for his packed lunch as he works in the building trade so needs filling up!  BUT now he’s noticed not only the change in my skin, but also my overall health, he’s been converted too!  He does still like to have rice and will have the occasional treat of mashed potato etc, but is now inspired by Paleo as well.

Throughout my transition Rebecca has been there with advice and support and answered any queries that I had and it was great to know I could reach out to her when needed. I really appreciated this.

I personally hate the word “diet” as I always think it means something you go on and then come off…. this is a healthy eating plan (+ I’ve lost 7lbs which is an added bonus)….. try it, it’s life changing!!”

Ali J

“Wow! Tabata is fantastic fun! It is just what I need to get myself moving and I really love the buzz I get from it. It is tough but you do get the results you are looking for and it is much more productive than cardio has ever been for me. I can see that I am much more toned and have dropped a dress size so far. I love the programme and think it is a bargain – you must try this!”

Charlotte N

“Ever since I started on the Paleo diet, regardless of whether I am stringently following it, I just don’t get cravings anymore. When I took up Paleo, the greatest thing was not getting hungry and irritable through the day. It took work to get my gut health under control but I did it and feel better for it. Even now when I am introducing more carbs back into my diet and perhaps not eating as consciously as I should I can go for long periods without food and not feel dizzy or snap at everybody. I do think this must be down to a healthy gut. I would not hesitate to recommend the 12 Week Programme.”

Fiona B

“This book is beautifully written [Introduction to Paleo], well presented and easy to follow. It’s full of information why most diets ‘fail’ and why the Paleo way of eating is the way to a slimmer, healthier and happier life. Full of simple and delicious recipes, shopping lists and encouragement I would recommend it to anyone who is struggling with their weight. My son who is a personal trainer in Australia recommended the Paleo diet to me and I’m so glad that he did. After only five weeks I’m feeling slimmer, more positive and for the first time in quite a while I’m feeling well enough to go back to the gym.”

Loraine T

“I just wanted to say that I really enjoyed Introduction to Paleo and can’t wait to get started on the 12 week plan next. I have been interested in the paleo diet for a while but did find it quite confusing. The book really helped to set everything out clearly and I feel I now have a much better understanding of paleo and why certain foods are not allowed. A really interesting and worthwhile read which I would recommend to anyone starting out on the paleo diet. I even lost 5lbs on the 7 day plan which is not a bad start!”

Hayley S

“The Paleo Diet was recommended to me to help with weight training. I was aware that nutrition would have an impact on my results but I never realised how big a part it had to play until I did the Paleo Diet. After just a couple of weeks of following the 12 week plan I could notice the difference. I was shedding fat quickly, gaining lean muscle and getting stronger. I have never achieved some good results in the gym in such short period of time.”

Paul S

“I am half way through my 12 week plan and I can’t believe how good I feel! I have lost 10lbs so far and for the first time in my life am enjoying doing exercise. My skin looks great and I have found my confidence again I wish had found the Paleo Diet years ago – thank you so much!!”

Sally F

“Tabata has completely changed the way that I exercise. I am one of those people who really struggles with the gym and always thought I had to put in an hours work for it to be worthwhile. Being able to condense my work outs to 20 – 30 minutes was great and working in intervals means it is much more fun than plodding along on the cross trainer. I can now do my work outs at home if I don’t feel like the gym and it has fitted really well into my  routine. The results have been fantastic. I never thought I would be able to look toned but after just a few weeks I started to really notice a difference and I am so pleased with my progress. I am 9 weeks in and have lost 4 inches off my waist and 2 inches from each thigh. It is incredible!!”

Lucy P

“I have just finished Introduction to Paleo and am now very excited about moving onto the 12 week plan. I turned to Paleo after realising that my eating habits were getting out of control and I just couldn’t seem to stop eating all the sugary treats that I knew were bad for me. I was having trouble sleeping and feeling really stressed out. After reading Introduction to Paleo it all started to make sense – I could start to understand my behaviour and see why I was doing it. After reading the book I was keen to try the 7 day plan and the recipes did not let me down and I loved every single one of them. After just 7 days I felt so much better and my cravings are already much easier to control. I am now very excited about starting the 12 week plan.”

Margaret C

“I had never heard of the Paleo Diet before I started and now I can’t stop telling people how good it is!! My goal was to drop a couple of dress sizes so I used the 12 week plan combined with the Tabata workouts (which are great fun!). I loved the recipes they were so tasty and easy to make and I never felt deprived or hungry. The variety of food was great – my favourite recipe was the thai chicken soup (so yummy) and being able to make ice cream for a treat without feeling guilty was heaven! I am a busy working mum so time is precious – having the weekly shopping lists and the 20 minute workouts at home was just perfect for me. Most importantly the results were just fantastic! I ended up dropping three dress sizes and my body shape has completely changed – I now get so many compliments and just feel like a new person. I now recommend the Paleo diet to everyone!!”

Katie M

“I have never managed to stick to any diet for longer than 4 weeks. Not any more! I am currently on week 10 and am loving it. The 12 week program is just fantastic. I love the recipes and the fact that I don’t have to count any calories and the desserts satisfy my sweet tooth without the guilt! The case study and the hints and tips are really helpful to keep me on track. The exercises are easy to follow and my fitness is improving no end. I have lost over a stone so far and my family can’t believe the difference it has made – i am like a new person.”

Sophie L

“I have been following the 12 week programme for the last 7 weeks and I am really pleased with my new healthy lifestyle. The switch to Paleo was much easier than I thought it would be and I really don’t miss any of the processed sugary foods I used to eat. The recipes provided in the ebook are very tasty and really easy to prepare. I am trying so many new things and loving it. The portion sizes are great and I never feel like I am missing out. My skin is glowing and I have so much energy plus I have lost about 9kg and several inches and feeling great for it. I am definitely a convert to the Paleo diet.”

Julie A

“I have been following Tabata Transformation for about 4 weeks and I am hooked already! I have been going to the gym quite regularly for a few years now but have noticed that I was not really progressing. Tabata has completely changed that for me – I have had better results in the last 4 weeks than I have had over the past 6 months with my usual gym routine. It is tough and exhausting but the results are really worth it. I am looking much more toned and have dropped a dress size already. I feel more confident in myself and have loads of energy. Anyone who is in doubt should just give it a go! I am amazed at how well I have done.”

Polly T

“I have been following both the paleo and tabata 12 week programme and am really pleased with the results so far. I have been looking to improve my overall health and fitness and was really quite surprised at how quickly I started to see results. I have always been a bit on the heavier side shall we say and have tried many classes at the gym and cardio to try and shift it but it never really had that much effect. I am 6 weeks in and have lost over a stone already and my clothes are starting to hang off me – not something I am used to! I have much more energy and find my weekly football game and running around with the kids is so much easier than it used to be. The food in the 12 week programme is delicious and the portions are great. I really don’t miss all the junk I used to eat and actually can’t believe how easy it has been to give it all up. It is an excellent programme for anyone looking to change their eating habits and I would really recommend”

Alan W

“I started the 12 Week Programme just under a month ago and it is unlike any other diet I have ever been on. For a start I don’t feel like I am actually on a diet which is great! There is a wide variety of food and every dish is tasty and easy to prepare, I am eating so many new foods and making recipes I would never have previously considered. I love that I get to still eat desserts and discovering 5 minute ice cream has been fantastic! When I fancy a treat there are loads to choose from in the eBook and also on the blog. I have lost 8 lbs so far which is fantastic. I am recommending it to all my friends and colleagues!”

Sarah H

“I originally looked into the Paleo diet after my wife was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease. The doctor recommended looking into it and I wanted to find out more. Rebecca was really helpful, I rang her and she talked me through the Paleo diet and how it could help to relieve symptoms and by the end of the call I was really eager to give the 12 Week Programme a try. I have not been disappointed. We are now about 7 weeks in and the change in diet is really helping my wife to control her symptoms. As a great side effect we have both lost weight and I have never had so much energy. I was never much of a cook but the recipes have really inspired me (they are so good I struggle to choose a favourite) plus the shopping lists make everything really easy which is great when time is precious. I now look forward to making every meal.”

Rob A

“I have just finished Introduction to Paleo and wanted to say how much I enjoyed it. I found it fascinating to learn about the impact that food can have on my body and it helped me to understand where I had gone wrong in the past. I found the advice on food and shopping really helpful and the recipes were delicious. A great start to my Paleo diet.”

Simon P

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